Are you Looking for Skydiving at Adventure Skydiving Center in ?

Before you decide to Skydive at the Adventure Skydive Center in Waverly or Cedartown, Ga, these are facts you need to know.

A Gift Certificate Company based in Kennesaw, Ga. that operates under the names of Adventure Skydiving Tennessee, ASC, 1 800 Skyride, Adventure Sports, Thrill Planet has been running websites and internet advertising claiming to offer Skydiving in and each and every city and state in America and the Skydiving Center in Waverly, Tn. is part of this scam.
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If you live near Nashville, Tn, these are legitimate dropzones in that are the closest to Nashville, Bowling Green or Louisville and are reputable Skydive Centers.

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   Be advised that

  The average Tandem Skydive will cost between $180 and $220, depending on what part of the country the Skydive Center is located. The only other charge that should be added over and above that cost would be if you should decide to purchase the video of your skydive and this will normally cost between $65 and $90, but keep in mind that this is completely OPTIONAL and no reputable skydive center will  require or pressure you in to buying the video package.  There is a Skydive Center that is located in Cedartown, Ga. that operates under the names of 1 800 Skyride, Adventure Skydiving, Thrill Planet and many, many other names. They run websites that claim to be in and every Metropolitan city and every state in America.  

  Their latest claim

  Is that they Are operating in downtown and many other Metropolitan cities. The truth is that there is NO skydiving in any major city in America, It's ILLEGAL! The only skydives that happen in the city are if a skydiving team jumps in to a major event like a Pro Football game or a NASCAR racing event etc. Those are professional skydivers and are definitely NOT first timers. 1 800 Skyride/Adventure Skydiving uses names like, Skydive , Skydiving or Skydiving in but remember, these are false! Adventure Skydiving DOES NOT have any such location in .  

  Normally Skydive Centers

  Are located 30 to 75 miles from the major city.  The 1 800Skyride/Adventure websites do not give their location and they will not normally tell you where they are until they have your credit card information. They will immediately charge you a cancellation fee and a bad weather insurance fee. They don't care if you have a death in the family or what, you will be charged these charges and they DO NOT get applied to the cost of your jump.  These charges in combination with the cost of the actual skydive and your travel including a hotel room in Cedartown, Ga. (Atlanta area) or Waverly, Tn could cost you well over $500 to $700 for a skydiving trip that should not have cost over about $200 to $290. (This is if you choose the video).       

 1 800 Skyride also uses names like Nashville Skydiving or Skydive Nashville to hide their actual location, be advised that this is against Tennessee State Law! 

They were sued by the State of Georgia for their persistent fraudulent business practices, and they were also sued by another Skydiving Company in Arizona for Trademark Infringement, They lost in both cases.

These are news stories that recently ran on different networks from around the country and different venues, pay special attention to the Nashville news stories;

If you would like to know more about the 1 800 Skyride Scam and what to do about it if you or someone you know got scammed by Skydive , Skydiving, 1 800 Skyride, Thrill Planet, Adventure Skydiving or Adventure Skydiving , Adventure Skydiving, Go to our Home Page at 1 800 Skyride Rip Off                                                                      Syndicate




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